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Using The Crop Tool In Photoshop CS, Advanced Optionsby Anita Cross

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sing the Crop Tool to Resize Images

There are times when you need to crop and resize an image. The Crop tool makes it easy to do both in one operation. You can apply the size properties of an existing image, or enter precise size properties manually, before you make your selection.

There are two buttons on the options bar, "Front Image" and "Clear". Clear does exactly what you'd expect, clearing the size properties from the options bar, allowing you total control of your next selection.

Front Image is a very simple and helpful option, though not immediately obvious as to how to use it. Clicking on the Front Image button loads the size properties of the current image into the options bar and uses these values for the size of the resulting image.

Now drag the tool across the image, and you will see the marquis is constrained to the shape required to produce the new size. You can now rotate, or resize the marquis without changing the width/height ratio. You can also change the Perspective as detailed above.

If you need to replace an image on a website, for example, without changing the layout, use this option to set the size and resolution to that of the image you're replacing. Drag the Crop tool across the replacement image, resize the selection to include as much or as little of the image as you need, and apply. Voila! The cropped image is now exactly the size you need.

You can also manually set the image size and resolution in the options bar, again, before you create the marquis. The width and height will default to the unit of measure you have selected for the rulers. You can change this by right clicking in the field, once you've entered a value. You can swap values, too, with one button ease. Resolution is in pixels (per inch or per centimeter) and can be left blank if you don't need to change the resolution.

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