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Using The Crop Tool In Photoshop CS, Advanced Optionsby Anita Cross


here's only one reason, creatively speaking, to crop a photo: to improve the impact of the image.

In Photoshop CS, however, there are many creative ways to crop a photo.

This article assumes you are already familiar the Photoshop Crop Tool and the basic functions of the crop selection marquis. If not, be sure and read "Crop Tool Basics for Photoshop CS".

Using the Crop Tool to Change Perspective

The Perspective option is available from the options bar with an active selection. Applying the edit will constrain the shape to a rectangle, resampling the image in order to distort it into the new perspective.

In Perspective mode, the corner handles work independantly, allowing you to distort the marquis. The basic functions, as detailed in "Crop Tool Basics for Photoshop CS", continue to work as expected. However, to resize the marquis in Perspective mode, you will need to use the Alt key while dragging the corner.

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