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Free Screensavers

Discover America Volume I Screen Shots

This Free screensaver features 10 of the 100 images available on our Discover America, Volume I CD-ROM. These high quality photographs were taken in the Western United States.

This screen shot shows the monitor when the image fills the screen, regardless of the screen resolution.

These pictures were originally photographed for print media. The digitized images have a ratio that is roughly 4.4:3. We considered cropping the images to fit the 4:3 ratio. The resulting images, however, lost the aesthetic "feel" of the original photograph. Consequently, the images appear to be "letterbox" when the "fit image to screen" option is selected.

This screen shot shows the monitor at 800x600 resolution, with the "fit image to screen" option deselected.

The Call Of The Wild Photo logo is displayed in the lower right hand corner of each screen. However, the semi-transparent logo is subtle and unobtrusive. The original music is soothing. Truely free, there is no expiration date and no "nag tag" advertising. This screensaver may be installed at home or at work.