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Free Screensavers

Mama's Garden Screen Shots

This Free screensaver features 22 images taken in a very special "back yard" in Oregon. Using the Webshots Screensaver engine, any or all of the 22 images can be set as wallpaper on your Windows computer.

This screen shot shows the monitor when the image fills the screen, regardless of the screen resolution.

The many beautiful garden pictures in this screensaver will bring a special hideaway onto your desktop, from the Garden Fairy overlooking the Koi pond to the the waterfall in the back, and all the trees, shrubs, and flowers in between. There are tulips, rhododendrons, irises, azaleas, groundcover in bloom (ajuga reptans), ferns, columbine, lilacs, hostas, and more.

This screen shot shows the monitor at 1024x768 resolution, with the "fit image to screen" option deselected.

The screen shot below shows the settings window accessible from Windows' Display Properties. Here you can customize the settings for your computer: control the duration of the effects, enable and disable individual effects, enable Password Protection, select "stretch to fit" for full screen display, etc. You can also select any image to use for Wallpaper. Simply select the image, then "click" on the "Wallpaper" button.

The Call Of The Wild Photo Logo is displayed in the lower right hand corner of each screen. However, the semi-transparent logo is subtle and unobtrusive. The Mama's Garden screensaver is free, there is no expiration date, no "nag tag" advertising and may be installed at home or at work.