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Beautiful Photos To Spruce Up Your Desktop

Call Of The Wild is happy to announce a new series of wallpapers featuring the incomparable Yellowstone National Park. The original photographs are available from the National Park Service, and feature images captured over several decades.

We've looked through nearly 13,000 images, finding the best of the best. These new wallpapers are available in a larger, 1024 x 768 format, and are presented with an elegant framed effect.

Appropriate for a photography web site, all of these wallpapers were created from photographs. Cameras used by Call Of The Wild photographers include both film (Canon Elan IIe) and digital (Sony CD250, Sony DSC-F717).

All Images were processed in Adobe Photoshop for maximum detail. Unless otherwise stated, wallpaper images are presented in a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. While most images are true to the original photos, others have had artistic effects applied to create the illusion of other art forms, such as oil painting, watercolors or mixed media.