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For Jigsaw Fun, We Recommend Jigsaws Galore.

Why Jigsaws Galore?

In our opinion, there simply isn't a better jigsaw program available, (for Windows, anyway.) It isn't free, but it is affordable at only $25.00 for the Direct Download Edition.

The ultimate jigsaw puzzle program, Jigsaws Galore is easy to use and jam-packed with features. 10 puzzles are included with the download edition, with additional puzzle packs available for as little as $15 for 50 puzzles. Several free puzzle packs are available, as well.

However, you're not limited to puzzles from the program's creator. You can create your own puzzles, whether you're a graphics professional or a casual photographer. Jigsaws Galore can create puzzles from seven different popular image formats: BMP, JPG, PCX, TGA, WMF, EMF and ICO.

As beautifully rendered as any boxed puzzle, you can select a size and style to fit your skill level. Once created, puzzles can be opened with as few or as many pieces as you like within the absurd range of 4-64,000 pieces!

Need some help? Jigsaws Galore has several features to help you solve the puzzle, from sorting the pieces to pointing out the next piece. You can even set it to solve the puzzle for you while you watch as pieces float magically across your monitor.

The best way to see if Jigsaws Galore is for you is to try it out. You can download any of our "gift" puzzles for a quick test run, with some limitations, or you can download the full trial version from Gray Design Associates.

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