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Free Wallpaper & Jigsaw Puzzle

"Helmut Schmidt" Hybrid Tea Rose

Copyright © 2005 Call Of The Wild. Photographer: Anita Cross.

The "Helmut Schmidt" Hybrid Tea Rose is an elegant, perfectly formed yellow rose with petals the color of butter. The disease resistant bush is compact and upright, with strong stems and dark green foliage.

Introduced in 1979, the "Helmut Schmidt" blooms withstand damp weather better than most varieties, making this hybrid tea a favorite in Northwest gardens. This free-flowering rose provides color and frangrance for the garden, and cut flowers for the vase, throughout the Summer months.

And From Our Gift Gallery:

"Helmut Schmidt" Throw Pillow

Instructions For Wallpaper

The wallpaper image above is 800x600 pixels. You can set the image of the "Helmut Schmidt" rose as your current wallpaper by "right-clicking" on the image, then selecting the correct menu item from the pop-up menu:

  • From Internet Explorer, select "set as background"
  • From Netscape/FireFox browsers, select "set as wallpaper"
  • Other browsers, and operating systems other than Windows, may have different, but similar commands.

If your screen is larger than the 800x600 images, Windows can stretch it to fit. Or you can save the image and resize it in your favorite image program, then set the resized image as your new wallpaper.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaws Galore Puzzles
Native Format
Easy Puzzle (100 pieces)
Difficult Puzzle (252 pieces)

The wallpaper image of the "Helmut Schmidt" rose is also available as a Jigsaws Galore jigsaw puzzle.

for our visitors who have Jigsaws Galore, the puzzle can be downloaded in the native format, giving you complete control over the size of the puzzle, including the number of pieces.

For our visitors who don't have the program, we have packaged two self-contained "gift" puzzles, one easy with only 100 pieces and one difficult with 252 pieces. Each "gift" puzzle is a Windows compatible program with one puzzle.

If you have never put together a jigsaw puzzle on your computer, we recommend you try the easy puzzle first. Believe it or not, on a computer monitor, a 252 piece puzzle can present quite a challenge.