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Oregon Scenics II

Oregon is really a very scenic place. There are snow-capped mountains and long ocean beaches, sparse high-desert and lush green valleys, still deep mountain lakes and wide rushing rivers.

Time spent exploring the natural wonders of this beautiful area is time well spent. Whether you spend a week hiking the wilderness, or a day driving around Crater Lake, you can't help but be moved by the timeless beauty of nature unspoiled.

All the pictures on this page were taken the same day! We drove from La Grande in Eastern Oregon to Eugene in the Willamette Valley. We took the scenic route through the Blue Mountains, Central Oregon, and the Cascade Mountains.

From rain to snow, back to rain, then bright and warm sunshine, all in one day. By the time we were surrounded by the Painted Hills, the snow of Anthony Lakes seemed days away.

If your interested in the details of the trip, you can read about it in my weblog, Exploring Oregon, beginning with "It's Been A Really Busy Year!" (June 2005)

The wallpapers below are all created from the same picture of Antone Creek. The original photo was quite large and viewing it full size in Photoshop, I was able to see how good a small section would look. I really liked the full shot as well. Not able to settle on any particular section, I decided to put up a variety of options and let you decide which one you like best!