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"Oregon Wildlife"

Free Wallpaper -- Moonlight Silhouette of Mule Deer Buck
This collection of Free Wallpapers is sponsored by our Royalty Free Stock Photography collections --Purchase high quality images of the Scenic Oregon for your own personal use. Starting as low as $2.97 each, select from the same images we make available for design professionals.
Call Of The Wild Photo presents free wallpaper images for your Computer Desktop. All of the wallpapers presented here were created from photographs, either scanned from 35mm slides or captured using a Sony Mavica Digital Camera. These images were processed using Adobe Photoshop.
Free Wallpaper -- Hungry Chipmunk Begs For Food At Crater Lake Free Wallpaper -- Two Old Bull Elk Grazing Together
Free Wallpaper -- Young Buck On The Move Free Wallpaper -- Butterfly From Winged Wonders Exhibit, Portland Zoo