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Our premium selection of Royalty Free photography highlights the natural beauty found throughout Oregon.

While most of our photographs are from film positives (slides), we are now including images captured using high-end digital cameras. Images scanned from slides have been prepared personally by the photograper. Processing of the scans is kept to the minimum necessary to faithfully reproduce the original image in digital form.

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Call Of The Wild Photographer Anita Cross shares her picture taking adventures with you in her web log, "Exploring Oregon."

Stock Photography & Royalty Free Stock Photography

A Brief Explanation

Stock photography is the term used to describe existing photographic images available for your use for a fee.

Traditional stock photography, also known as "rights managed photography," requires you pay a licensing fee based on several factors. The costs vary based on such things as what your final project is and how many times the image will appear. Licensing is specific to the project and for a finite period of time. To use the image for another project, or beyond the time of the original license requires you to pay an additional fee.

This licensing fee is called a "royalty", a concept most of us relate to books, music and movies.

Royalty free stock photography is the term used to describe stock photography that is licensed with a one time fee. Simply put, royalty free photography does not require the payment of royalties.

Royalty free does not mean the image is free.

Much like a software program, the image is owned by the copyright holder, usually the photographer. You purchase a digital copy of the photograph, which you can then use whenever and wherever you want, within the guidelines of the license.

A royalty free stock photography license is non-exclusive. Many people can purchase a copy of the same digital image.

The royalty free license agreement is a binding legal contract. Furthermore, licensing agreements vary between sources, so it's important you read and understand the document before you make your purchase.