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When you buy direct from Call Of The Wild Photo, you save money. Unlike the big stock agencies, we don't have expensive overhead or large investments to regain that inflate our prices.

We only present our own images, and we sell them at a fair price. Fair to you, and fair to us.

Our film photographs are shot using professional grade slide film. The finished slides are scanned and the resulting digital images are touched up in Photoshop, removing the inevitable specks of dust and scanner noise.

As the designer, it is your place to decide which elements of the image are emphasized and which are removed. To present you with the most flexibility in your choices, images are provided as close to the original photos as possible.

In nearly all cases, processed images retain the original aspect ratio of the film.

Our digital photographs are shot using professional or "prosumer" quality digital cameras. Digitally captured images are provided with little or no additional processing.

  • Orders are processed in real-time. Upon successful completion of your credit card purchase, your image(s) will be available for immediate download.
  • A Comp Image is displayed in the Image Selection Window and may be used prior to purchase for design mockup.

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