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Call Of The Wild Photo & Your Privacy


Your privacy is important to us. We collect information from account holders for the sole purpose of making transactions, and product fulfillment, as fast and easy as possible. Period.

Payments are processed using PayFlow Link, a secure online payment service provided by Paypal. Transactions are securely processed in real time, and only the information necessary to complete the transaction is shared with PayFlow Link.

Approved transactions are assigned a reference number by PayFlow Link. It is this reference number that is stored along with order information. Call Of The Wild does not store credit card account numbers.

Call Of The Wild will never provide account information to any person, group or entity outside of Call Of The Wild and our payment service, except as required by law.


Call Of The Wild does not send out unsolicited email to our account holders, or anyone else. Should we decide to start an email program, for announcements and/or periodic newsletters, account holders will receive a single message with instructions on how to "opt-in" if they are interested. However, we're not planning such a program at any time in the near future.

Should you ever receive suspicious email that appears to be from Call Of The Wild, please forward the message to Be sure to include the complete header information.