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Shipping Information

Shipping Rates

Stock Photography Images

There are no charges for electronic delivery of individually purchased images.

Pierson Prints

Pierson Prints are drop-shipped directly from the artist. Shipping is currently available only to delivery addresses in the United States and Canada.

    Rate (USD)
1-3 Prints

$  7.50

    USPS Priority Mail
4-10 Prints


11+ Prints (each)

plus 2.00

    Rate (USD)
1-2 Prints

$  11.50

    USPS Priority Mail International
3 Prints


4-10 Prints


11+ Prints (each)

plus 3.00

Pierson Prints are individually created for each order by the artist. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for delivery in the USA, and a minimum of three weeks for delivery in Canada.

Gift Gallery

Items purchased from the Gift Gallery are shipped directly from our partner, CafePress, and their Shipping Options and Rates apply.