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A gift that will soon be forgotten? A gift so mediocre, the bow and wrapping are more memorable?
A gift so poorly made it screams "Cheapskate"?

Or would you rather...

Make A Beautiful Impression That Will Last A Lifetime.

Mother Nature is an amazing artist, from the wide sweeping vistas of the horizon to the intricate detail of a butterfly's wing. Her canvas is the earth and her brush, the passage of time.

A photograph shows only a small part of this ever- changing masterpiece, a single moment frozen in time, touching one's very soul deeper than words ever will.

Strike a chord in the heart of someone special and present her with a rose that will never fade or give him an Elk that won't run and hide.

Sound expensive? It doesn't have to be!

The Call Of The Wild Photo Gift Gallery includes Scenic Oregon framed gallery prints for only $54.99; A variety of roses, as well as other flower and garden images, on stationery and collectables ranging from $4.89 to $19.49; And a large selection of apparel ranging from toddler's tees to hooded sweatshirts, starting as low as $9.87.

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We have partnered with CafePress to bring you a variety of photo image merchandise. All aspects of the transaction are handled by CafePress, from production to fulfillment. Between the buying power of CafePress, and our capital not being tied up in inventory, we are able to offer a much wider selection of products at a much lower price than would otherwise be possible. For more information, see the Gift Gallery FAQ