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Call Of The Wild
PO Box 2145
Eugene OR 97402-0041

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Anita L. Cross
Owner, Consultant, Photographer

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• Established in 1999
• Owner Operated
• Woman-Owned Business

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is brought to you by Call Of The Wild, an Internet Marketing company located in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Solely owned and operated by Anita L. Cross, Call Of The Wild has been in business since 1999.

Anita Cross at Newberry Crater with her husband Dorrin, and their dog Shadow.

Although Anita has a diverse background in Electronics, Retail and Internet Services, her passion is photography. She considers herself fortunate to live in an area with so many amazing photo oportunities close to home. Many of the photos showcased on this site were taken on either a day trip or weekend getaway.

It remains Anita's dream to use this site to showcase and sell the photography of local photographers, as well as her own work. Currently, this site is secondary to her full time work as an Internet Marketing Consultant. This has slowed down the implementation of a database solution for the sale and immediate download of images, a foundation which must be in place before adding the work of other artists.

Anita lives in her hometown of Eugene with her husband, Dorrin, six cats, and one dog, (who thinks she's a cat.)


Anita became an Electronic Technician in the late 1970's while living in California, first working for Intel, then several lesser known companies. Coming back to her hometown in Oregon, she worked as the Operations Manager of MoTron Electronics, a small electronics firm in Eugene, for more than 8-1/2 years. Among her other duties, Anita created the magazine advertising for MoTron. It seemed only natural for her to create and maintain the company web site when MoTron went online in 1995.

In the years since, Anita has become quite adept at marketing via the internet. Her success in this area comes from recognizing that there are two levels to Internet Marketing. The first level is properly marketing your product or service on your web site and the second is properly marketing your web site, online and off.

In 2001, Anita went to work for PacInfo Internet Services, lending her talents to the ISP's already impressive reputation for excellent service at a fair price. Thanks to her expertise, PacInfo was able to add Internet Marketing to the list of web design and web hosting services they provided to the business community in the Eugene Metropolitan area. Anita left PacInfo after 2-1/2 years to work for her own company full time, and now works out of her home.

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